Lesson learned from hospital cleaning Staff

On 8th Jan, I got chance to visit a government hospital in Kathmandu. In the leisure time I observed different people including patient, doctors, hospital staff, cleaning staff. The hospital is clean in comparing with other government hospital.

While observing cleaning team, I found few things:

  • No one are waiting for their senior orders.
  • They are self motivated to clean anything they see. No one is assigning any task.
  • No one are waiting to other staff to complete any task.
  • They are helping to other staff who are physically less able to do their work.
  • They are teaching their juniors how to work and their work culture.

The output of all these things is clean hospital and happy patient. This is only possible with self motivated and self organized team.

Then I compared this team with software development team. Most of us described our team as self organized team. Within our team, we have member with different role like front end developer, back end developer, testing engineer etc. But the main problem of most of our team is if back end developer see the typo mistake then they wait for front end developer to fix those things. This is a simple example. Similar things happen in our daily life while working within team. If such thing happen in a team, is it good to say this team as self organized team?


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