Why college projects are important?

In my career I had taken more than 100’s of interviews in my company and the number is raising up. Most of candidate are freshers and some are experienced developers. Fresher candidate apply for entry level job whereas experience developers apply for mid-level and senior level position. Here I’m not talking about experience developers. There is different story about experience developer which I will share in my another post.

In Nepal we can hear from most of our college level students:

Companies offer job only for experienced person. If none give us job or any opportunity, then how can we get experience?

In my opinion, there are 3 main way to get entry level job after completing college

  1. Take extra courses from private institution
  2. Work for any private company as intern
  3. Best perform on college project and involve in extra activities

Taking extra courses from private institution is costly and still there is a problem on getting good mentor. The conversion rate of student pass out from those private institution and join to good companies is very low in current situation.

Work for any private company as intern is very good way to join IT company after complete college. Since we have few good IT companies in Nepal and very few of them only offer such type of job. So there is very low chance to get intern in IT companies for college student. Only lucky person can get this chance.

The ultimate thing that most college students can do is their college project. In most programs there is course of minor and major project in their syllabus. Student have to do more that 2 projects during their college period. Which gives very good opportunity to join companies after their college.

But main problem of our college students is, they only participate in project demo or only involve in documentation. Among 6/5 team members, only 1 or 2 member actively involve in all project development phases including requirement gathering, analysis, coding, documentation and presentation.

I have my own story to my college project. We used to spent more than 8 hours per day in college laboratory. After 3 months we were able to complete our first web based college project. Which is very simple but I got more knowledge from this project. I understood how web works, OOP etc. It gave me an opportunity to test what I learned and learned new thing out of syllabus. This project became turning point of my life which helped me to get entry level job in one of reputed company in Nepal.

Now a days companies are looking for serious and passionate person to join their team or company. If you do your college project seriously, there is high chance to hire you. Your seriousness will appear in your project directly and indirectly. Your college project will help to judge about you in following things which IT companies really wants from you.

  • Attention to detail.
  • Passion to your chosen path.
  • How you are curious in learning new things.
  • Your ability to collaborate with your team.
  • Your Hardworking.

Not only to join reputed company after complete college, college project also helps student to develop their entrepreneurial skill. As we know Google and Facebook are also college projects. Now, Facebook is worlds top social networking site which has more than 2 billion user worldwide and Google is the biggest organization in the world.



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